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[audio]IUMA: bore
i am from miami. i make beats. i uploaded these beats. listen to them. if you like them, buy a cd. sucka.
Keywords: bore
Downloads: 9
[audio]IUMA: Big Bore
Scottish based Break-Core band formed in 1999 by Gallonigher (gallonigher.iuma.com) and Edinburgh based metal band Blunht. The project ran for 3 months before it was decided to make Big Bore a remix project, mostly being produced by "Gallonigher". The music represents harsh industrial breaks, a fusion of Drum n Bass, Hardcore Techno and Industrial harshness.
Keywords: Big Bore
Downloads: 28
[audio]Tidal Bore on the Sittang WWII: reminiscence - A Track Winding Back:Morshead Home Oral History & Reminiscence Project, & Magella Blinksell
John recalls being capsized by a tidal bore
Keywords: Burma WWII; tidal bore
Downloads: 40
[audio]Pattern For A Frightened Listener - Dead Violets
Load of rubbish
Keywords: Toss; Dismal; Bore
Downloads: 53
[texts]Bore Glezers arbeṭn
Electronic reproduction
Keywords: Glezer, Bore, 1921-1937
Downloads: 64
[texts]Deep-bore tunnels for Transportation purposes
Comprehensive discussion of tunneling, including specific projects and latest technologies.
Keywords: tunnel; TBM; single-bore; double-bore; tunneling; #99tunnel; Viaduct
Downloads: 253
[texts]Sks China
Sks China
Keywords: ihc; firearm; nflc; ihr; bore; rifle; ibc; lew; ihu
Downloads: 18
[movies]Cleaning Rifle Barrel Bore. - Birgir Runar Saemundsson BRS Custom Rifles
Rifle barrel cleaning is the most important,to keep the accuracy of rifles in order. Copper fowling and powder fowling will accumulate in rifle barrel bore and cause rifle to become erratic in accuracy. Groups will open up in size. In Bench rest shooting the barrel is usually cleaned after 15 to 25 shots. In varmint shooting with high caliber, it is advisable to use same interval in cleaning barrel bore.
Keywords: cleaning rifle barrel; barrel bore; rifle accuracy; bench rest shooting
Downloads: 930
[audio]Bore By Parsai - Harishankar Parsai
Hindi Urdu story "Bore" written by Harishankar Parsai and read by Nitin Vyas for "Awaaz"
Keywords: Hindi; Urdu; story; Bore; Harishankar Parsai; Nitin Vyas
Downloads: 422
[audio]CassetteEpispde5-20120505 - Naomi Christie
A Side B Side: Two independent sound art pieces strike almost exactly the same note in this edition of Cassette. On side A of a C30 tape, sound artist John Wynne explains how he played the note A on forty boom boxes to demonstrate beat frequencies. Then on side B Dan Bennett from arts collective Bang the Bore explains its twelve tapes project; the note B on twelve cassettes. Along the way hear a gangster answer phone tape, and visit some of the countryâs finest multi-storey car parks.
Keywords: Naomi Christie; John Wynne; Bang the Bore; Resonance FM; Cassette
Downloads: 578
[movies]Bore Tide Time Lapse - Chris Flynn
Turnagain Arm, Alaska: An unique phenomenon occurs twice-daily, where outbound water from the previous tide, along with the out-flow of many rivers and streams are met by the incoming tide, forming a dramatic wave, sometimes several feet in height. People have been known so surf this wave, and Beluga whales often follow the wave in, chasing Hooligan and Salmon on a dangerous round-trip. I am sure this is something many of you have never seen before...
Keywords: GTV; Girdwood Television; Alaska; Turnagain Arm; Bore Tide; Time Lapse; Chris Flynn; Girdwood; Alaska; Bore Tide; Turnagain Arm; Chris Flynn
Downloads: 3,574 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[texts]SKS Cleaning
SKS Cleaning
Keywords: sks; rifle; clean; cleaning; patch; solvent; bolt; disassembly; bore; remover; sks rifle; gas piston; clean patch; break free; soaked patch; recoil spring; pistol cleaning; cleaning rod; bore guide
Downloads: 44
[audio]Rango - Dan Campos
Podcast con comentarios sobre la sensacional cinta animada Rango.
Keywords: podcast; cine; film; review; Rango; Johnny Deep; Bore Verbinsky; Dan Campos; Churros y Palomitas
Downloads: 313
[texts]Charlesdaly Bul Pistols
Charlesdaly Bul Pistols
Keywords: pistol; bul; gun; safety; slide; magazine; trigger; hammer; firing; bore; bul storm; firing pin
Downloads: 16
[movies]Turnagain House Restaurant - Girdwood Television
One of the classiest restaurants in Alaska is the Turnagain House on Turnagain Arm. This beautiful restaurant is located between Anchoarge and Girdwood in Indian Valley along the gorgeous Seward Highway. They serve fantastic Mediterranian-style dishes including Pepe's world-famous piella.
Keywords: GTV; Girdwood; Anchorage; Indian; Alaska; Mediterranian; dining; bore tide; TheFlynn; Chris Flynn; Flynn
Downloads: 56 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Savage 99Sf
Savage 99Sf
Keywords: savage; rifle; cartridges; cartridge; magazine; hammer; loaded; bore; action; firing; savage solvent; savage gun; savage brand
Downloads: 12
[texts]2. Design Of Technologies.full
In the paper we present new components and methods for processing of bore-containing wastewater into micronutrient fertilizers. The advantage of the solution is the development of technology for the processing of waste andthe modified structure, contributing to improve the economic and ecological index of micronutrients production from bore compounds at lower costs for raw materials. The new composition is a solution for pre-seed treatment (soaking) and foliar feeding of plants (spraying)...
Keywords: Micro Fertilizer; Technology; Processing of Waste; Bore Compound; Complexion Bore; Polyol Alcohol; Sludge; Biomass of Green Seedlings; More Efficient Composition; Reduction of Costs for Raw Materials; Increasing Crop Yield
Downloads: 8
[texts]BSTJ 15: 2. April 1936: A Magneto-Elastic Source of Noise in Steel Telephone Wires. (Pennell, W.O.; Lawther, H.P.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 15: 2. April 1936 pp 334-339. A Magneto-Elastic Source of Noise in Steel Telephone Wires. (Pennell, W.O.; Lawther, H.P.)
Keywords: wire; magnetization; vibration; magnetic; telephone; von; amplifier; electromotive; bore; specimen; soft steel; magnetic field; bore winding; circular magnetization; iron wire; zeitschrift fur; electromotive force; direct current; feet long; electromotive forces
Downloads: 40
[texts]Anschutz 54
Anschutz 54
Keywords: anschutz; rifle; sight; match; trigger; micro sight; bolt; screw; micro; shooter; adjustment; anschutz match; small bore; match rifle; match air; front sight; cleaning rod; bore target; air rifle; rod guide
Downloads: 68
[texts]Sks Cheap
Sks Cheap
Keywords: spring; pin; firearm; bayonet; trigger; latch; rifle; bore; receiver; piston; gas port; trigger mechanism; trigger guard; safety catch; receiver cover; open latch; hold open
Downloads: 34
Keywords: bolt; rifle; troubleshooting; sight; pin; remove; bore; ammo; cleaning; clean; front sight; low light; thorough cleaning; selector lever; firing pin; cleaning rod; cam pin
Downloads: 21
[texts]Plainfield M1 Carbine
Plainfield M1 Carbine
Keywords: slide; operating; trigger; bore; recoil; magazine; bolt; rear; extractor; carbine; operating slide; trigger housing; magazine catch; front sight; recoil plate; front band; butt plate; housing retaining; guide lug
Downloads: 18
[audio]Peter Manson Cambridge reading
Peter Manson reading in Cambridge 11th March 2009
Keywords: Peter Manson; Manson; Wilkinson; poetry; dew or breeze; misers; The Baffle Stage; Mallarme; right room; the fantastic; ego eroded; fussed to bore; velcro hosts
Downloads: 138
[texts]Charter General
Charter General
Keywords: revolver; hammer; cylinder; trigger; firing; charter; ammunition; caliber; safety; gun; double action; charter revolver; proper caliber; cylinder latch; charter double; barrel bore; action revolver
Downloads: 15
[texts]Sks 59 66
Sks 59 66
Keywords: rifle; ihc; firearm; bore; rear; ammunition; caliber; piston; lever; gas piston; safety lever; cleaning rod; trigger guard; instruction manual; ihc rear; carbon fouling
Downloads: 14
[texts]Thompsoncenter G2 Contender Ml
Thompsoncenter G2 Contender Ml
Keywords: powder; firearm; muzzleloading; contender; breech; caliber; muzzleloader; projectile; muzzleloading firearm; barrel; bore; black powder; breech plug; muzzleloading rifle; powder charge; contender muzzleloader; serious injury; natural lube; firing pin; pin selector
Downloads: 7
[texts]FM 3-22.68 Crew Served Machine Guns, 5.56-mm and 7.62-mm

Keywords: gunner; firing; machine; weapon; fire; assembly; target; gun; sight; bolt; rail grabber; bore light; machine gun; hinge pin; assistant gunner; aiming point; machine guns; cocking handle; operating rod; front sight
Downloads: 679
[audio]Cross Christ Bore - Dr. V.P. Wierwille
Sunday Night Teaching #260 Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille: "I see my life beyond today and tomorrow. I see my life from generation to generation causing the mystery to be lived." History has honored great men and women throughout time for their deeds: for their contributions to society, for the nations they have conquered, for the scientific discoveries they have made, for the contests they have won. Those achieving the highest distinction have received medals hung around their necks, parades held in...
Keywords: SNT-260; Cross Christ Bore; Victor Paul Wierwille; V.P. Wierwille; Wierwille; Lamsa; George Lamsa; Pillai; Bishop K.C. Pillai; Muller; George Muller; Bullinger; E.W. Bullinger; Holy Spirit
Downloads: 209
[texts]Cz550 Medium Magnum
Cz550 Medium Magnum
Keywords: rifle; trigger; magnum; bolt; firearm; sight; safety; rear; cartridge; pin; instruction manual; rear sight; firing pin; barrel bore; front sight; magazine box; ventilated rubber; trigger mechanism; sight base; floor plate
Downloads: 34
[texts]Winchester Boss Supplement
Winchester Boss Supplement
Keywords: rifle; boss; barrel; locknut; muzzle; gun; model; browning; firearm; ammunition; repeating arms; micrometer adjustment; boss equipped; adjustment ring; serious injury; hatch mark; gun handling; equipped model; rifle bore; sheet supplied
Downloads: 41
[texts]EAA Bhsb
EAA Bhsb
Keywords: hammer; revolver; firearm; trigger; firing; gun; bore; ammunition; armory; safe; european american; american armory; base pin; firing pin; transfer bar; safe direction; single action; pin release; bounty hunter; action revolver
Downloads: 8
[texts]Daisy 8
Daisy 8
Keywords: gun; bolt; rifle; cartridge; daisy; sight; step; bore; safe; cocking; safe direction; rear sight; cocking knob; sight elevator; proper gun; long rifle; cleaning rod; cartridge case; bolt fully; adjust sight
Downloads: 14
Keywords: bolt; rifle; bore; rifles; solvent; firing; hdy; cartridge; cleaning; firing pin; win wlr; bolt head; rem fed; bolt handle; light coat; win win; gun oil; spr rnn; rem win
Downloads: 11
[texts]Bushmaster 308
Bushmaster 308
Keywords: bolt; rifle; firing; bushmaster; windage; pin; bore; cleaning; remove; magazine; front sight; selector lever; firing pin; bolt carrier; sight post; charging handle; windage knob; upper receiver; rear sight; cam pin
Downloads: 19
[texts]Cz 2075
Cz 2075
Keywords: pistol; magazine; trigger; pin; safety; cartridge; firing; hammer; slide; spring; firing pin; barrel bore; magazine loader; trigger bar; safety instructions; trigger pull; trigger mechanism; rear sight; pistol parts; pin block
Downloads: 8
[texts]Cz 40P
Cz 40P
Keywords: pistol; magazine; pin; hammer; cartridge; trigger; firing; spring; decocking; barrel; firing pin; instruction manual; barrel bore; magazine loader; safety instructions; magazine catch; decocking lever; trigger pull; pin block; main spring
Downloads: 12
[texts]Bushmaster 9Mm
Bushmaster 9Mm
Keywords: bolt; magazine; firing; firearm; pin; receiver; charging; cleaning; handle; upper; charging handle; firing pin; bolt catch; bore brush; upper receiver; selector lever; pin retaining; lower receiver; safety selector; retaining pin
Downloads: 16
Keywords: pistol; magazine; firing; safety; cartridge; rin; hammer; pin; trigger; slide; firing pin; instruction manual; barrel bore; manual safety; loaded chamber; chamber indicator; trigger mechanism; safety instructions; rinng rin; cartridge chamber
Downloads: 25
[texts]BSTJ 44: 7. September 1965: A Stable, Single-Frequency RF-Excited Gas Laser at 6328A. (Collinson, J.A.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 44: 7. September 1965 pp 1511-1519. A Stable, Single-Frequency RF-Excited Gas Laser at 6328A. (Collinson, J.A.)
Keywords: cavity; laser; axial; tube; quartz; mirror; lasers; frequency; gain; mode; bell system; axial modes; axial mode; system technical; gas laser; quartz tube; small bore; fused quartz; maximum power; supporting structure
Downloads: 27
[texts]Cz 75
Cz 75
Keywords: pistol; pin; firing; magazine; hammer; safety; cartridge; trigger; slide; manual; firing pin; instruction manual; barrel bore; loaded chamber; chamber indicator; manual safety; trigger mechanism; safety instructions; rear sight; pin block
Downloads: 13
Keywords: bolt; rifle; sight; bushmaster; firing; cleaning; bore; windage; meters; remove; front sight; rear sight; sight post; upper receiver; bolt carrier; selector lever; windage knob; firing pin; charging handle; cam pin
Downloads: 14
[texts]Ruger M-77 Rifle

Keywords: rifle; firing; bolt; firearms; cartridge; bore; trigger; firearm; pin; firing pin; serial number; safety button; pin assembly; floor plate; trigger adjustment; trigger guard; sight base; magazine box; ultra light
Downloads: 97
[texts]Steyr Scout
Steyr Scout
Keywords: rifle; bolt; steyr; magazine; safety; mannlicher; gray; bore; dot; tang; white dot; gray lock; steyr mannlicher; roller tang; tang safety; bolt handle; front sight; bolt sleeve; action screws; round magazine
Downloads: 37
[texts]Mossberg Muzzleloader
Mossberg Muzzleloader
Keywords: powder; barrel; primer; projectile; muzzleloading; breech; muzzleloader; ramrod; ball; fps; muzzleloading barrel; round ball; safety button; breech plug; powder charge; muzzle pointed; fps conical; bore cleaner; shotshell primer; primer cavity
Downloads: 8
[texts]Scientific American Volume 29 Number 25 (December 1873)

Keywords: steam; patent; improved; consists; tion; iron; patents; scientific; scientific american; shaft; takes place; smooth bore; coal tar; nitric acid; portative force; turbine water; address munn; germ theory; sewing machine
Downloads: 89
[texts]Merkel Overunder
Merkel Overunder
Keywords: shotgun; chamber; safety; barrel; merkel; firearm; forearm; bore; ammunition; firing; top lever; chamber length; hinge pin; gun oil; cleaning rod; barrel selector; dry firing; trigger shotguns; small slot; slot headed
Downloads: 38
[texts]Bushmaster Carbon 15 22
Bushmaster Carbon 15 22
Keywords: bolt; bushmaster; rifle; remove; firearm; cartridge; charging; firing; chamber; bore; charging handle; bolt carrier; firing pin; cleaning rod; selector lever; clean clean; stops firing; safe firearms; rifle stops; corroded ammo
Downloads: 14
[texts]Lee Enfield No.1 MKIII, No.3 MKI, No.4 MKI, No.5 MKI Rifle

Keywords: bolt; rifle; bore; hdy; spr; firing; solvent; rifles; firing pin; cartridge; spr rnn; hdy spp; win wlr; light coat; bolt head; win win; bolt handle; rem fed; gun oil
Downloads: 1,018
[texts]Scientific American Volume 08 Number 01 (January 1863)

Keywords: patent; claim; combination; manner; steam; patents; purpose; scientific; scientific american; iron; wilson sewing; steam engines; purpose set; york city; sewing machine; rolling mills; address munn; patent office; small bore
Downloads: 55
[texts]Remington 572
Remington 572
Keywords: barrel; magazine; trigger; bdl; rear; bolt; screw; action; remington; rifle; bdl grade; trigger plate; rear sight; action bar; remington arms; push safety; magazine tube; locking bar; barrel dowel; smooth bore
Downloads: 57
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